Improve Quality of Care Throughout Your Healthcare Facility

Bar code identification solutions for healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities must continually address the need to tighten their budgets while continuing to improve efficiencies, eliminate errors and enhance patient safety. Administrators are seeking proven, reliable and cost-effective technology solutions that deliver true value across their organization, while enabling their staff to focus on what they do best: patient safety and services.

Why General Data?

General Data’s innovative products and solutions can help different areas of a healthcare organization achieve the same goals: become more efficient, gain greater control over their workflows and data, and empower their staff with greater productivity. From the front lines of the patient bedside to the behind-the-scenes work of the IT department, General Data enables healthcare facilities to work smarter and do more.

Featured Solutions

Laboratory Specimen Tracking Cassette

ID/Positive™ is a complete, end-to-end solution for histology labs who want to utilize bar code technology to label, identify and track specimens in order to streamline workflow and eliminate errors.

Personal ID wristband Patient Identification

Barcode patient identification and patient tracking systems prevent dangerous medical errors. From wristbands to printers to print management software, we have everything you need.

Point of Care Point of Care

Bedside medication administration, specimen collection, blood draws – we can help you design, specify and implement hardware and systems that reduce the possibility of mislabeling or other human error so your staff can focus on quality patient care.

E.V-Trax Employee Vaccination Tracking

E.V-Trax employee vaccination tracking system gives healthcare organizations control over administering employee vaccinations and tracking the status of their immunization programs.

Healthcare barcode labeling scanning wireless mobility Barcode Labeling, Scanning, Tracking and Wireless Mobility

Healthcare facilities are now using barcode labels, barcode scanning and wireless mobility in hospitals in many different applications. If you need to label it, scan it, track it, or mobilize it, General Data can help.

Fixed asset management solutions for healthcare Fixed Asset Tracking and Management

Identifying, tracking, maintaining, classifying and properly depreciating high-value fixed assets are all processes where hospitals can uncover significant savings. Our fixed asset tracking and maintenance for hospitals will show you how.

Managed print solutions for healthcare Managed Print Solutions

Your healthcare organization can reduce corporate printing costs by as much as 40% with our managed print solutions for hospitals. We’ll help you move your corporate printing environment from a decentralized process to one of centralized management and control.