Barcode Patient Identification and Patient Tracking Systems

Patient identificationEffective, error-free patient identification is one of the most important steps for ensuring patient safety. Barcode patient ID and patient tracking systems helps prevent dangerous medical errors by making accurate and reliable patient information immediately available for point-of-care medication administration, specimen collection, surgical procedures and any other patient care activity throughout the hospital stay.

The foundation of any reliable patient identification and patient tracking system is built on printing barcodes on patient wristbands, and scanning those barcodes to assure positive patient identification.

Positive Patient Identification Starts Here

General Data's Personal ID™ and G-Band™ patient identification wristbands help hospitals achieve patient safety goals by providing a reliable and convenient solution for patient ID. Facilities can easily print text, barcodes and graphics directly on the wristband using standard desktop direct thermal printers or color inkjet printers. These easy-to-use wristbands do not require stick-on labels or inserts, which saves time and eliminates potential error.

As the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals call for two forms of patient ID on the wristband, General Data's wristband solutions can help facilities meet these guidelines and comply with HIPAA privacy requirements. Personal ID and G-Band wristband materials are formulated to produce high-resolution text, barcodes and graphics that are long-lasting and stand up to abrasion and exposure to alcohol, soap, water, Betadine, moisture, hand sanitizer, X-rays and other hazards that can make critical patient information encoded in printed barcodes illegible.

Everything Your Facility Needs For an Effective Barcode Patient Identification System

General Data patient identification wristbandsPatient Identification Wristbands

Personal ID and G-Band hospital wristbands provide reliable and easy to use barcode patient identification wristband solutions for all types of patients, including inpatients, outpatients, elderly, pediatrics, infants and NICU.

Wristband PrintersWristband Printers

Direct thermal printers and color inkjet printers are convenient, easy to use, and can be placed at multiple locations throughout your facility, including admissions and nursing stations.

General Data patient wristband softwareWristband Printer Integration and Management Software

Director is an HL7-compliant wristband printer management system that provides you with maximum flexibility and control over all your wristband printers in every facility, including what patient data from your ADT or HIS system is accessed and printed on the wristband.