Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Label

Direct thermal labels are ideal for short-term labeling applications where exposure to heat and UV is minimized. Direct thermal labels are printed by applying concentrated heat that activates a dye in the specialized facesheet.

Because direct thermal labels are designed to be directly marked by the printhead of the direct thermal label printer, the need to purchase and manage ribbons is eliminated. The direct thermal label facilitates the marking, enabling clear, high-quality printing at a consistency that's ideal for barcode scanning applications.

General Data offers an extensive selection of direct thermal labels in paper or synthetic facestocks, with a wide variety of topcoat, adhesive and liner options that can be tailored to your specific application.

Common Direct Thermal Label Applications

  • Shipping labels
  • Warehousing labels
  • Distribution labels
  • Pharmacy labels
  • Weigh scale applications
  • Specimen labels
  • Lab labels
  • Test tube labels

General Data's DirectPrint™ Direct Thermal Labels Provide Quality, Performance and Value

DirectPrint™ is our stock direct thermal paper label solution, ideal for many general purpose barcode labeling applications where direct thermal is preferred. For situations where enhanced durability characteristics are necessary, we offer an extensive collection of direct thermal synthetic labels. Consisting of materials such as polyester and polyolefin, synthetic labels are designed to withstand harsher environmental conditions, and meet durability requirements beyond standard direct thermal paper labels.

Find The Right Direct Thermal Label For Your Application

Need help with finding a label? General Data's labeling experts can help you determine the best direct thermal label solution that fits your business needs. Contact our label experts to discuss your label options and get a quote.