Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer labelThermal transfer labels are constructed using a special facesheet that is specifically designed to accept heat-activated ink from a thermal transfer ribbon as it passes through a thermal label printer.

Like direct thermal labels, the barcodes, text and graphics are printed with concentrated heat, but because the text, images and barcodes are transferred from a ribbon, the printed image on the label can better withstand harsher environmental conditions. This makes thermal transfer labels ideal for a variety of applications, and when the right thermal tranfer label facestock is paired with the right thermal transfer ribbon, they are able to withstand the most harshest environments, including exposure to extreme heat, cold, chemicals and abrasion.

Common Thermal Transfer Label Applications

  • Automotive tags
  • Drum labels
  • Asset labels
  • Shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Specimen labels
  • Lab labels
  • Test tube labels

General Data's TransPrint™ Thermal Transfer Labels Provide Quality, Performance and Value

TransPrint is our stock thermal transfer paper label brand, ideal for many general purpose barcode labeling applications. We also feature a wide assortment of other thermal transfer paper labels with different topcoats, adhesive formulations and liner options.

For labeling applications that require enhanced durability characteristics, we offer an extensive selection of thermal transfer synthetic labels. These labels are made from materials such as polyester and polyolefin, and are designed to work with high-performance resin ribbons that resist abrasion and chemical exposure.

General Data can also produce any type of custom thermal transfer label in any size, color or configuration. Our label experts can also help you select the perfect thermal transfer ribbon that is perfectly suited to your specific label, printer and application.

Find The Right Thermal Transfer Label For Your Application

Need help with finding a label? General Data's labeling experts can help you determine the best thermal transfer label solution that fits your business needs. Contact our label experts to discuss your label options and get a quote.