Five Key Benefits of Tool Hawk

July 22, 2016

Five Key Benefits of Tool Hawk - A Barcode Equipment Tracking Software

The problem is simple. Although a company has spent a great deal of money on vital equipment, managing the movement of each is time consuming and often time inaccurate. This results in a loss of productivity and added expenses in terms of replacing and repairing equipment. The cost of this is taken directly from the bottom line. The solution is simple as well. That is to implement a barcode equipment software solution. Systems like Tool Hawk™ from General Data are designed to make it easy to accurately track the movement of equipment. The following are five key benefits of installing barcode equipment tracking software solution.

1. Reduce the cost of replacing equipment

Nothing is more concerning to management than the purchase of equipment unnecessarily. You know you have the equipment but you have no way of tracking it down. It was either misplaced and lost or stolen. Either way it is a cost that was not planned for. The Tool Hawk™ barcode equipment tracking software offers management a clear audit trail of the movement of equipment. Equipment is checked out to works or moved to locations by scanning the equipment barcode and the barcode of the worker or location. It is that simple and this transaction takes seconds to complete. Knowing where equipment is and who is responsible is a major step in eliminating the need to replace lost equipment.

2. Make workers responsible for equipment     

There are three key tracking barcodes in Tool Hawk™. The first is the unique durable barcode label attached to each piece of equipment. The second is a unique barcode for workers. This can be a keycard attached to their keychain. The third is a barcode representing locations. Checking out equipment is performed by scanning the barcode on each and scanning the barcode ID for the worker. Now the system knows who has equipment at any time. Workers now know that this is being tracked and tend to be diligent in making sure that they are accurately being tracked with the equipment that is issued to them. Tool Hawk™ also tracks the condition of equipment as it moves in an out storage and any change in the condition can be tied to the last worker who used it. For these reasons workers will be more careful with equipment inventory.

3. Know the location of equipment at all times

As equipment moves from one location to another in Tool Hawk™, the equipment barcode and the location barcode is scanned. For this reason management now has a clear picture of the equipment inventory and where each is. This can be a critical productivity improvement by allowing management to decide where best to deploy equipment

4. Keep accurate maintenance records on equipment

Tool Hawk™ includes the ability to record any maintenance on equipment and plan for the next scheduled service. As equipment is maintained, a maintenance screen is displayed with a list of maintenance categories and maintenance actions. The repair personnel would simply pick each from a drop down list, record the cost and write any associated notes. Management will not be able to report on the maintenance history of any equipment and make educated decisions as to replacement.

5. Accurate insurance records

No one wants to think about an insurance loss but, unfortunately it does happen. Tool Hawk™ provides a business owner of an accurate list of equipment assets that can be presented to an insurance company at the time of a loss. Companies that have experienced such a loss and had barcode equipment tracking software can attest to the rapid claim settlement that resulted.

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