How to Explain the Necessity of Firebug EXT to Upper Management

July 21, 2016

How to Explain the Necessity of Firebug EXT to Upper Management

Many safety managers see the benefit of using a barcode system to perform their inspections of extinguishers and other safety equipment. The problem is how to justify the purchase of such a system to upper management. While barcode extinguisher inspection systems like Firebug EXT from General Data Company, Inc. are reasonable in cost, these systems are sometimes viewed as a luxury and not a necessity. The following are three main areas to consider when evaluating the need for a barcode extinguisher and safety device inspection system.

1.  Compliance with safety regulations

Regulatory agencies insist on the same regarding the inspection of extinguishers and other safety equipment. They want accurate records as to the inspection of each extinguisher or other safety device and they want to ensure that inspections were completed in according to regulations. Whether it is The Joint Commission for health providers or OSHA for other companies, the requirement is the same. A barcode extinguisher inspection system makes compliance much easier. With Firebug EXT, every inspection is recorded and automatically date and time stamped using the hand held mobile computer. This data is recorded and uploaded to the computer system along with the inspection results.

The results of these inspections are included in a set of reports that can be printed at any time. If The Joint Commission were to inquire about the inspection history of a singe extinguisher or a group of extinguishers, an Inspection Transaction Report can be generated for any length of time. The report will note the dates and times of these inspections along with the results. Firebug EXT also notes the technician who completed the inspection as well. By being able to accurately report you demonstrate to the regulator that you have a system in place to comply with safety standards.

2.  Save time inspecting extinguishers and safety equipment

Any organization that has been recording their inspections manually knows how time consuming it is. For example, the inspector will have an inspection checklist in paper format. These forms are filled out for each safety inspection. Notes are written manually as well. After these inspections are complete, these written checklists are manually entered into an Excel spreadsheet or other report form (CMMS system). This adds a tremendous amount of time to the inspection procedure and is prone to mistakes. Add to this the difficulty of reading hand written notes; you can easily see where the time goes.

In the Firebug EXT barcode extinguisher inspection system eliminates the entire second step. The inspector scans the location Id barcode or picks the location from a drop down table and the extinguishers expected at that location are displayed. A second barcode scan of the extinguisher ID and the system now knows where the inspection is taking place. A simple on screen tap of the “pass” or “fail” button records the result. Checkboxes on the screen of the hand held mobile computer are clicked to record the conditions why an extinguisher failed inspection. All this data is automatically uploaded to the computer eliminating the need to enter these inspections in a spreadsheet by hand. Productivity gains are attained in both the inspection process and generating reports.

3.  Make safety inspectors accountable

Firebug EXT records the date and time of every inspection along with the inspector who performed the inspection. By printing inspection reports, management will now know who performed each inspection but also the time and date it was completed. Inspection transaction reports include all this data in a clear, easy to read way. The barcode extinguisher inspection system can now act as a way for management to have a clear picture of the productivity of workers.

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