Let Your Broken Printer Be Our Problem, Not Yours.

November 11, 2015

Success Story: Processing Payroll

A customer called first thing on a Monday morning to place a service call on their Printek FP4503. This printer is a crucial piece of hardware for their Human Resources department. It is used every other Wednesday to process payroll for the entire company. This particular customer relies on General Data to keep this printer, as well as the other printers in their facility, up and running to eliminate costly downtime.

This customer has had their printers serviced by the same General Data service technician, Brian, for 10 years. She knows that she can count on Brian to fix the problem in a timely and efficient manner. They have all of their printers under maintenance contracts which guarantees a response time of 1 business day.

A General Data customer service representative, Linda, dispatched Brian to this location for a service call later that day. Brian arrived at the facility within 2 hours of the customer’s call.

Problem: Ribbon not advancing

Solution: Replaced ribbon drive cable AND replaced carriage drive belt since it was showing wear and would prevent a future service call.

The customer’s Printek printer was up and running within an hour of Brian’s arrival. Not only was he able to fix the printer the same day it went down, but he was able to detect the wear and tear on the carriage drive belt which would eliminate a future service call.

The customer received timely service, a friendly, familiar face and ultimately was able to process payroll in time…which made ALL of the employees happy.

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