Six Reasons to Implement a Barcode Tool Tracking System

July 22, 2016

Six Reasons to Implement a Barcode Tool Tracking System

Let’s say you have considered purchasing a barcode tool tracking system but it is difficult to cost justify the time and money to implement it. That is why it is important to consider all the benefits of such a system and how it will help you. Don’t simply look at the cost. Before you say no, consider all the ways tracking tools might make your life easier and add directly to your bottom line. Barcode tool tracking systems like Tool Hawk™ from General Data are designed to have an immediate positive effect on any organization managing tool inventory. Please consider the following benefits of a well-designed barcode tool tracking system.

1. No need for unnecessary purchases

The cost to replace tools unnecessarily is among the most wasteful efforts for any company. You know you have that particular drill but you simply cannot find it. Because you do not want to delay production, you hold your nose and buy the replacement drill. Tracking systems like Tool Hawk™ record the movement and location of tools using barcode technology. Every tool has a unique barcode durable label with your company’s name and phone number. All transactions are completed with barcode scans that are both fast and accurate.   Management is now able to run reports noting where each tool is and who has it. You can now ensure that there will no longer be the need to purchase tools and equipment you know you have.

2. No need to waste time looking for tools

A major hidden cost that is rarely considered for any company is the time personnel spend on finding tools that are needed at any given time. Barcode tool tracking systems like Tool Hawk™ give management an instant view as to where each tool is and who has it. You can simply run a report rather than walk around the tool warehouse. Spend that time being productive rather than searching a warehouse for tools

3. Make workers accountable for tools

Every worker in the Tool Hawk™ barcode tool tracking system every worker is assigned a unique barcode ID. This, often times, can be a barcode keycard that they have on their keychain or a barcode ID card. As each worker is issued tools his/her barcode ID is scanned along with the tools and equipment they are taking. In Tool Hawk™ this is a “Check Out” transaction and it is date and time stamped. The worker is now responsible for each of the tools that are issued to them. Tool Hawk™ includes reports sorted by the user noting who has which tool and for how long.

4. Maintain tools with a barcode tracking system

Tool Hawk™ keeps a running record as to the maintenance performed on each tool or piece of equipment. Preventative maintenance or calibration can be scheduled in advance and managers are reminded with on-screen alerts. Reports are available as well displaying the maintenance performed on all equipment.

5. Have the tools available when you need them

Nothing is a bigger drag on profitability than having workers waiting for tools to be available to complete their work. Delaying projects because tools are not available can ne eliminated with the right barcode tool tracking system. Tool Hawk™ gives management an accurate view of tool inventory and movement. In this way the right tools are at the right place when they are needed.

6. Accurate inventory records for insurance purposes

Insurance is a business necessity that you never want to use. If you should have the need to document inventory, a barcode tool management system like Tool Hawk™ is a quick and easy to do so. Inventory records are quickly generated noting which tools were where. Transaction reports will display the tools history from the time purchased to the current state.

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