Turn Your Food Truck Around with the Zebra ZQ520 Mobile Printer

October 22, 2015

When you see a long line of people snaking through the street as you go out of the office for lunch, you instantly know there’s a food truck in your midst. You have only an hour for lunch, but you toss that worry away, and fall in line happily – it’s not every day when you’re busy street gets visited by a food truck. As you while the time making small talk with the person before you, an idea strikes: you are not a bad cook yourself; can you start a food truck of your own? It does not seem very hard. You can get your best friend to partner with you; he can be your order taker. You can get another friend to help or maybe cousin Fred would do it with you. And you spend the rest of the hour thinking these happy thoughts, even as you munch on that jalapeño burger with tater tots on the side.

Food trucks are probably the most in things as of the moment. Why not, when the concept of getting fresh and (oftentimes) healthy gourmet food cooked by a chef you can easily see and exchange light banter with seems like a lot of fun? And it seems fun for the food truck people too – travelling to different places and bringing your food to people in different places to have them sing you praises and talk about you and your food in their Twitter or Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Food Truck Challenges

However, running a food truck business means more than just buying a trailer, getting it painted and set up, cooking away to your heart’s content and seeing happy smiles from your customers. Food truck operators and chefs agree that running food wagons is a very challenging endeavor with many issues: getting permits, cooking equipment getting dislodged and finding a spot to park on are just the beginning.

Then there is the issue of competition. If you do decide to put up a food truck business, you must make use of every tool in your arsenal to ensure that your food and your service shine through. Improving

Your Truck Technology

One of the ways to gain the upper hand in the competition (aside from having a great affordable menu, of course) is improving the technology of your food truck. Most of your customers would be people on the go, so you must streamline your processes. Taking orders and issuing receipts by hand just would not do. This is why you need the Zebra ZQ520 Mobile Printer. Lightweight and easy to carry, this printer can be installed at a prime spot in your truck, and can easily connect to your Apple, Android or Windows Media device through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even USB cable. Because the four-inch printer is rugged and durable, you can be sure it can withstand high temperatures, dirt and spills that are unavoidable in the business. Reliable and easy to use, the ZQ520 makes your processes more efficient, your customers happier, and your revenues higher.

Turn your food truck around with the ZQ520 mobile printer. Contact General Data at 844-643-1129 or email us at talktous@general-data.com to learn more about how we can help you with mobile printing and other technology solutions to make your business operations smarter.