When You Should Consider a Mobile Powered Cart or Workstation

September 24, 2015

Wireless mobility typically refers to handheld or belt worn portable printers, scanners or headsets. However, these units can be limited in size, capacity and functionality.

For instance, what if you:

  • Want to print 200+ labels per day?
  • Need both a printer and PC?
  • Need a full computer screen?
  • Need thermal transfer labels?

A Mobile Powered Cart or Workstation is designed to hold and power up to (4) pieces of existing hardware for 8 - 12 hours of normal use. This enables “on­ demand” label printing with a high­ volume thermal printer.

The workstation or “Mobile Desk” is always within arms length anywhere in a facility and the need for extension cords or data drops from the ceiling are completely eliminated. Mobility enables workers to have real­time access to WMS, ERP and automated data collection capabilities, thereby, improving productivity in a variety of warehouse functions.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Mobile Powered Cart or Workstation:

  • If you integrate mobility into your existing processes, the increased productivity is immediately apparent.
  • You will eliminate the need to walk back and forth to a static desk or printer cart allowing for an expedited work process.
  • Avoid costly interruptions (e.g. chatting with co­workers) since the technology/hardware stays with operator at all times.
  • Eliminate shipping errors within your warehouse.

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