Zebra ZQ500 Series: Taking Mobility to the Next Level

October 22, 2015

Is your business mobile? Your answer must be a resounding yes, or you are in danger of losing your business. In the age of the smartphone and tablet-wielding individual, mobility is key. Why not, when mobility is affording employers and employees alike more flexibility in the accomplishment of their daily tasks.

As a business manager, it falls on your shoulders to maximize the benefits mobility can bring to your business. After providing your mobile workforce with mobile computing devices like barcode scanners and POS machines, the next thing you should do to complete the mobile office is to provide them with printers like the Zebra ZQ500 series mobile printers. By placing these tools at your workers’ disposal, you empower them to be more efficient and productive in their daily tasks. They can manage inventory, record sales, print labels and barcodes and more without having to move from one office or one computer terminal to another.

Uses of Mobile Printers

Mobile printers function not only as barcode, label, or receipt printers in retail stores. They also serve the following industries:

  1. Manufacturing. Mobile printers allow labelling products on the spot during the manufacturing process, reducing shipping and docking errors. Mobile printers can also be used to print RFID tags.
  2. Logistics. Mobile printers are used to issue pick-up notices and other pertinent documentation during delivery.
  3. Utilities. Mobile printers can be used to print receipts on the spot and to create inspection QA stickers.
  4. Hospitality. Mobile printers allow for tableside order entry and bill payment methods, making the entry process smooth and easy not only or the staff, but for the customers as well. In-flight shopping is also made possible by mobile printers that can readily print receipts as soon as a customer makes a purchase.
  5. Hospitals and Laboratories. Mobile printers allow for efficient labeling of samples as soon as they are drawn, eliminating confusion as they are moved from one department to another.
  6. Law Enforcement. Mobile printers allow for quick printing of tickets and citations and reduces manual paperwork and clerical errors.

The Zebra ZQ510 Mobile Printer

No matter the industry, you can count on the ZQ510 to deliver the following results:

  1. Accurate information. With the ZQ510, you can be sure that all documents and labels can be checked by all parties. This eliminates confusion, errors and other issues that might take a toll in your overall operations.
  2. Reduced operational time. The ZQ510 printer is designed with an intuitive interface for easy use, making sure that your employees are on time with the performance of their tasks. Its optimized printing power gives your workers more time for more productive work.
  3. Enhanced customer service. As your workers do not have to manually write receipts or invoices, they can be more responsive to customer queries, and can even personalize customer transactions. Your representatives can take in more revenue by up-selling or cross-selling products and services the customers might need or be interested in.

General Data offers smarter technology for better results. We provide the best technological solutions that answers the specific requirements of your business. To learn more about how you can use the ZQ510 mobile printer to take mobility to the next level, call us at 844-643-1129 or send us an email at talktous@general-data.com.