ZQ500 Series: The Best Printers for Field Applications

October 22, 2015

A rugged mobile printer is one of the best tools for the demanding work environments of industrial, retail and other field operations. Used to generate and print invoices, receipts, work orders and even barcodes and RFID tags, rugged mobile printers must be lightweight and compact enough to be carried along with the use of hand, shoulder and belt straps. They should be easy to use and cost-effective, giving businesses real value for their mobile printing investments.

Maintenance and service reports, work orders, quotation and repair estimates – these are only some of the many documents that can be printed using mobile printers.

General Data, one of the country’s leading mobile, technology and printing solutions providers is proud to introduce the Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers. There are two models in the series, the three-inch ZQ510 and the four-inch ZQ520.

Lightweight and durable, ZQ500 printers give reliable printing power that allows businesses to automate and streamline their processes. Specifically, they make the following tasks possible in various industries:

  1. Postal and Parcel Delivery. Workers can streamline documentation through the issuance of delivery receipts, pick-up notices and other documents at the point of delivery. Mobile printing also allows workers to label parcels s they are getting picked up to avoid future backlogs during distribution.
  2. Field Sales and Service Delivery Teams. Workers can save time by using mobile printers. There is no need for customers wait for a day or two in order to get their bill, as filed reps can print them a the point of work. This leads to increased cash flow, as customers can pay right there and then on the spot, an be issued a receipt for their payment.
  3. Hospitality Industry. Mobile printing allows for speedier transactions and improved convenience for customers. With the ZQ500 printer, wait personnel can process payment and issue receipts right on the customer’s table. Since the credit card does not leave the customer’s sight he feels more secure.
  4. Retail Sector. The use of ZQ500 printers help reduce in-aisle re-pricing and other similar labeling costs. ZQ500 mobile printers also facilitate the automation of inventory tasks.
  5. Manufacturing Industry. ZQ500 printers help workers improve accuracy and productivity by reducing labeling errors, as labeling can be done on the spot. Through correct labels, workers can clearly identify samples pulled out for testing and quality control inspections.
  6. Utility Teams. Field workers can process payments and issue corresponding receipts on the spot with ZQ500 printers. The printers also give workers the capability to create identification labels and QA stickers.
  7. Security and Law Enforcement. Enforcers on the field can print tickets and citations on ZQ500 printers, thereby eliminating the need to write them down manually. This results in clear parking tickets that could not be disputed. The ZQ500 printers also allow officers to collect fines o the pint of citation, increasing revenues for the city. Moreover, the use of ZQ500 printers allow officers to apply barcodes on evidences collected in the field.

Are you looking for mobile printing solutions for your business? Call General Data at 844-643-1129 or email us at talktous@general-data.com to learn more about how the Zebra ZQ500 series mobile printers can help you with your specific business needs.