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Introducing the LaserTrack™ PH1 Cassette Printer

November 21, 2017

Introducing the LaserTrack™ PH1 Cassette Printer

Cincinnati, OH, November 27, 2017 - General Data Healthcare, established leaders in labeling, barcoding, and laser technology within the lab, announce the newest addition to their cassette printing family, the LaserTrack PH1 Cassette Printer.

For barcoded cassettes that are extremely legible and deliver high scan rates, laser is the best and most preferred printing technology. The LaserTrack PH1’s laser printing technology consistently and reliably produces sharp, crisp text and 2D barcodes that are permanent, indelible, and deliver nearly perfect scan rates.

With the LaserTrack PH1, your lab will be able to print flawless barcoded tissue and biopsy cassettes that scan every time, from grossing through archiving.

The PH1 prints high-resolution text and barcodes on the face of the cassette at an unsurpassed speed of one every 3-4 seconds. It has a single magazine that holds up to 40 cassettes, with three interchangeable spare magazines attached to the side of the instrument.

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