I Am An IT Manager

I am an IT Manager, and I am the central nervous system of my company.

In today's business world, organizations succeed and fail based on how well they can manage the flow of information and data, and how well that data is delivered to those who need it most. The systems and technologies that I manage are crucial to how we operate and their performance affects nearly everyone in my organization.

My company and co-workers depend on me to make sure our networks and systems are reliable and secure, while being able to integrate and adapt to the evolving and new technologies that enable them to do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently.

My Concerns

Part of my job is working with a lot of different vendors and suppliers of hardware, software and integration services. Anyone who touches my network has to understand that my company's needs, requirements and specifications are unique and they have to adapt to that.

Reliability, stability and security are all huge issues for me. My users sometimes don't understand that the new technology that they must have in their department has the potential to severely disrupt our system or cause serious security breaches. I need to work with reliable technology I can trust.

I'm responsible for a lot of different things - hardware, software, systems, networks - all working together 24-7-365. The ability to better manage and control our existing infrastructure and anything we add in the future makes my job easier and me more effective at what I do.

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