Linerless Labels

Environmentally Friendly Linerless Labels
  • Pressure-sensitive labels without the liner
  • Up to 60% more labels per roll significantly reducing cost per label
  • Achieve corporate “green” zero-waste initiatives with this environmentally friendly solution

Linerless labels have a special release coating applied to the face of the label which allows the labels to be wound on a roll without the adhesive sticking to the label below it. Eliminating the liner is a smarter and greener solution by reducing solid waste stream and minimizing silicone in landfills.

  • Eliminating the liner translates to savings on material, freight and storage costs
  • Increased productivity by eliminating time spent managing and disposing used liner and changing label rolls
  • Decreasing potential workplace injuries by removing the hazard of slippery liner waste on the warehouse floor
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing solid waste stream and minimizing silicone in landfills which helps achieve corporate “green” zero-waste initiatives
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