OilTak Labels

OilTak Labels
  • Apply barcode labels to oily and greasy surfaces
  • Develops a strong, aggressive and lasting bond
  • Rugged solution for harsh environment applications

OilTak® is a unique labeling solution that is designed specifically for use on greasy or oily surfaces and environments.  They are formulated to be directly applied to surfaces that are coated with oil or grease without losing its tack or adhesive strength.  Constructed using a tough polyester facestock, OilTak uses a special adhesive that reacts with grease or oil-based surface contaminants to develop a strong, aggressive and lasting bond.

  • Improved productivity by eliminating time spent cleaning surfaces prior to applying a label
  • Improved visibility and tracking by enabling the labeling of parts, assets and containers that are traditionally difficult to label
  • Produces a strong and lasting chemical bond as the result of the adhesive reacting with the grease or oil-based surface
  • Offers excellent tear strength, dimensional stability and heat and chemical resistance
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Thermal transfer, gloss-white polyester film
Hybrid, high-tack permanent
FDA 21CFR175.105, UL/CSA recognized for certain applications using specific ribbon/printer combinations
Service Temperature Range
-20°F to 220°F