ScanPrint Slide Labeling System

  • ScanPrint enables you to scan tissue cassette barcodes to print slide labels on-demand at the microtome station.
  • Use ScanPrint when you want a standalone system that does not require an LIS module or interface.
ScanPrint™ Slide Labeling System
ScanPrint™ Slide Labeling System: Scan And Print Labels At Microtomy

The ScanPrint Slide Labeling System enables labs to scan barcodes on cassettes to print slide labels on-demand at the microtome station. ScanPrint quickly and accurately labels slides with accession, block, stain and level information in both barcode and readable text formats. This system enables the addition of on-demand barcode labeling without the need for an additional LIS module or special slide labeling software. Since this is a standalone system, ScanPrint does not require interfacing with your existing LIS.

ScanPrint Slide Labeling System Features & Benefits
On-Demand Barcode Slide Labeling
ScanPrint is a standalone system that enables a user to scan a properly formatted cassette, then scan the appropriate protocol card, without the need for an additional LIS module or additional computer workstation. The printer’s LED display prompts the technician for any needed keyboard input, and the printer generates the slide labels for that specific block.
Compact Footprint at the Microtome Station
Ideal for crowded cutting stations, the system quickly and accurately produces slide labels at the microtome station where they are produced. Eliminate handwritten slides completely; reduce or eliminate errors and workflow inefficiencies due to misidentification of slides.
Customized Lab-Specific Protocol Cards
The system generates customized cards that contain the protocol information specific to that lab, which is used to facilitate printing of slide labels for individual stains, levels, and re-cuts.
Print to StainerShield® XT Slide Labels
StainerShield XT slide labels are designed for use on slides across all lab protocols, including special stains, IHC’s cytopathology, and other protocols that require exposure to specialized chemicals and stains beyond standard H&E protocols. StainerShield XT’s advanced technology is built to withstand extreme heat, exposure to harsh chemicals, reagents, and stains, as well as extreme handling without degradation or separation from the slide, and with no need for an overlaminate flap.
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