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Mobile HealthCheck Cart

  • Take testing and care equipment and supplies directly to where they are needed
  • Mobile, rugged cart can be used remotely in the field or anywhere in your facility
Mobile HealthCheck Cart
The Mobile HealthCheck™ Cart: A Self-Powered, Fully Customizable Cart For Mobile Testing and Increased Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety. Anywhere.

General Data's Mobile HealthCheck Cart is designed to enable care providers, employers, and event venues to have testing equipment, PPE, sanitizers, disinfectants and other equipment and supplies on a mobile platform that can be used remotely in the field or throughout their facility. Completely customizable, the Mobile HealthCheck Battery-Powered Cart is able to fully power devices such as printers, scanners, laptops, testing equipment, and PPE in a self-contained environment for 8-12 hours until battery swap. After battery swap, another 8-12 hours, so operations can run 24/7 if necessary. And all surfaces are antimicrobial, ready for the harshest sanitizing agents.

Everything needed for testing, screening and infection prevention can reside on one mobile cart that can move when and where it's needed. Also available in a stationary model for fixed locations.

Customize Your Mobile HealthCheck Cart According To Your Needs

Each Mobile HealthCheck Cart comes standard with a rechargeable and swappable battery, antimicrobial shelves and handles, trash receptacle and a lockable drawer.  From there, you specify the equipment you need, including label and wristband printers, laser document printers, barcode scanners, computers with antimicrobial touchscreen monitors, laptops, antimicrobial keyboards and mice, and disinfection equipment.

The Mobile HealthCheck Cart can be customized for different use cases, including:

  • Outdoor drive-through testing
  • Screen visitors and staff prior to entering your facility by taking temperatures and recording names, date/time, and temperatures, and print a wristband for staff and visitors to wear.
  • Power a UV disinfection unit so it can be brought to where its needed anywhere in your facility
  • Store and distribute face masks, hand sanitizer and other PPE

The Mobile Healthceck Cart can go anywhere you need it, including building entrances, employee common or gathering areas, drive-through testing, supply/warehouse, cleanroom, anywhere requiring frequent disinfection and sanitization.

Antimicrobial Shelves and Handles
Antimicrobial Shelves and Handles
Rechargable Battery With Status Indicator
Rechargable Battery With Status Indicator
Locking Drawer
Locking Drawer
Large Trash Receptacle
Large Trash Receptacle
Mobile HealthCheck Cart Features & Benefits
Mobile, Modular Cart
The Mobile HealthCheck Cart can be used for building entrances, gathering or employee areas, isolation units, drive-through testing,  supply/warehouse areas, cleanroom and other hygienic areas requiring frequent disinfection and sanitization. In other words, anywhere there are people entering a facility.
Capacity & Flexibility
Can be configured to accommodate scanners, label printers, wristband printers, laser printers, tablet, laptop, UV-C disinfection, thermal imager, or any other device your staff and system requires for screening, testing, or building admission. Compact footprint, 5" locking swivel casters make the Mobile HealthCheck Cart easy to deploy. Upright system allows adjustment of shelves and accessories in seconds.
Powerful, Swappable Battery & Battery Life Indicator
Rechargeable sealed lead acid battery system will run up to 4 devices at once for 8-12 hours of normal use. Swappable battery can keep the cart in service 24/7. Full recharge time is 5 hours. A digital display indicating remaining battery life is a ready reminder for when the battery needs to be swapped.
Antimicrobial Surfaces
Antimicrobial means disinfectant-ready for powerful cleaning agents, over extended time periods and multiple cleanings. All shelving surfaces and cart handles are antimicrobial, as well as keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen. A wide selection of devices are available with antimicrobial and/or disinfectant-ready housing.
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