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Epson Colorworks C3500 Healthcare Color Inkjet Label Printer

  • High print speed of up to 4 inches/second
  • Quality, four-color inkjet printing to increase healthcare workflow efficiency
Epson Colorworks C3500 Healthcare Color Inkjet Label Printer
Fast, Full-Color Label Printer For On-Demand Healthcare Color Printing

Reduce your label costs, increase operational efficiencies, and quickly produce color labels with Epson's high-speed ColorWorks™ C3500 printer. Healthcare has an increasing demand for the use of color labels that use color codes, photos, and pictograms to highlight relevant information. This demand drives up label variations and increases label production complexity. Epson's C3500 has the ability to produce high-quality, full-color labels on demand, which makes it the ideal solution for concentrating on patient care rather than printer operation.

With the C3500, you can print crisp, clear, easy-to-read text and scannable barcodes with vibrant graphics and color coding that resist smudges and water, even on plain paper.  You can also print on a wide range of media from plain, synthetic and matte to glossy stock, along with roll-fed, fanfold, die cut, or continuous label media, so this versatile printers solves the needs of just about every department in the healthcare facility.

Epson Colorworks C3500 Color Injet Label Printer Features & Benefits
Significantly Lower Your Printing Costs
With Epson's C3500 printer you can dramatically reduce the cost of your label operations. Instead of maintaining an expensive inventory of pre-printed healthcare labels, you can print the labels you need when you need them. In addition, the C3500 features individual ink cartridges for more efficient use of ink and a very low cost of maintenance.
Advanced Color & Printer Features Support Healthcare Needs
The compact, four-color C3500 inkjet printer features fast printing speeds up to 4 inches per second, a banding reduction mode, and a nozzle check system that produces a reliable output of high-volume labels with excellent image quality. Colorworks printers deliver economical, color-on-demand labeling for prescriptions, charts, wristbands, and more to improve patient care. The C3500 also offers multiple easy-to-use features such as an autocutter, easy paper loading and an LCD with printer status readouts.
Reliable & Flexible
The rugged C3500 healthcare printer, originally designed for high-volume commercial environments, is dust and water-resistant and built to last. It has an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 88 thousand hours.
Fast, Reliable Document Management
Network-ready document scanners make medical document management more efficient. The C3500 has USB and Ethernet interfaces, and supports all major label applications.
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