Firebug EXT Barcode Fire Extinguisher Inspection System

  • Automate the inspection of all safety devices including fire extinguishers, exit signs, emergency lights, eye wash stations and more.

  • Record device readings, settings and calibrations.

  • Generate detailed reports to show inspection results and compliance.



The Best Barcode Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Now Runs on Android™

Automate fire extinguisher inspections and safety equipment inspections the easy way – with barcode technology and the new Android-based Firebug EXT™.


Use barcode technology with Firebug EXT


Use barcode technology to identify each asset and its location

Inspect fire extinguishers and safety devices with Firebug EXT


Routing and checklists ensure every asset is inspected and verified

Use Android handhelds and tablets with Firebug EXT


Use Android-based handheld devices or tablets to easily record readings and inspection results

Generate detailed reports with Firebug EXT


Generate detailed reports to show inspection results and compliance


Designed around the safety inspector's needs, Firebug EXT combines re-designed and updated software with durable barcode labels and handheld devices or tablets running Android to direct and record the inspection of any fire extinguisher or safety device.  Every inspection and result is date and time recorded, giving safety managers an accurate record of the work completed.

Firebug EXT - Extended Capabilities

Firebug EXT is the new and completely updated successor to Firebug RM – the industry-leading software for electronic fire extinguisher inspections and safety device inspections.  We incorporated updates and enhancements requested by top safety device inspection managers:


Firebug EXT now runs on Android

Runs On Android Devices

Firebug EXT is now powered by Android - the mobile operating system preferred by administrators, managers and users of enterprise and field mobility systems.

Firebug EXT has a redesigned interface


We've completely redesigned the look, feel and user interface for Firebug EXT. Navigation is intuitive, screens are easy to read, and information is right where you expect to find it.

Firebug EXT now supports tablets


In addition to handheld devices, Firebug EXT now supports tablets running the Android operating system. Using a tablet makes it even easier to record readings and inspection results.

Firebug EXT's new dashboard feature


See all of your critical inspection data and results at a glance with Firebug EXT's new dashboard feature.

Record fire extinguisher and safety device readings with Firebug EXT


Now you can easily record critical readings and calibration data from fire extinguishers and safety devices directly into Firebug EXT.

Run Firebug EXT yourself or we'll host it for you

Run It Yourself, Or
We Can Host It For You

Run Firebug EXT on your workstation or server, or General Data can host your system on our cloud servers, available to any user whom you give rights.

An Introduction to Firebug EXT Barcode Extinguisher Inspection System
Firebug EXT - Extended Uses

Firebug EXT is not just for fire extinguisher inspections. You can use Firebug EXT to inspect and record inspection results, readings, settings and calibrations for a number of different devices, including:


Use Firebug EXT to inspect fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Use Firebug EXT to inspect sprinkler systems

Sprinkler Systems

Use Firebug EXT to inspect alarms


Use Firebug EXT to inspect eyewash stations

Eyewash Stations

Use Firebug EXT to inspect exit signs

Exit Signs

Use Firebug EXT to inspect emergency lights

Emergency Lights

Use Firebug EXT to inspect valves


Use Firebug EXT to inspect range hoods

Range Hoods

What Do Users Say About Firebug EXT?
Features and Benefits
  • Never Miss A Fire Extinguisher Inspection Or Safety Device Inspection

    ​​Safety Inspectors can be confident knowing that every fire extinguisher and safety device has been properly inspected and verified. Firebug EXT gives safety inspectors visibility to all inspection dates, including upcoming/outstanding inspections on monthly, semi-annual, annual, and 5, 6, and 12 year schedules.
  • Reduce The Overall Cost For Fire Extinguisher Inspections And Safety Device Inspections

    Firebug EXT makes the overall inspection process – including scheduling, route management, inspections and reporting – fast, efficient and error-free. Firebug EXT reduces the overall cost for the inspection process while delivering 100% accuracy.
  • Customized Inspection Route Management

    Firebug EXT enables you to build out inspection routes from building to building, room to room, and asset to asset, assuring that no asset is missed in the inspection. Firebug EXT optimizes the amount of time needed to complete each inspection, making your inspectors more efficient.
  • Manage And Verify Inspection Activity

    Manually recorded inspections can run the risk of inspections being recorded that have not actually been performed. With Firebug EXT, inspection routes cannot be closed until all assets are inspected, and it is virtually impossible to fraudulently record inspections.
  • Verify Compliance With Industry And Government Regulations

    Proper safety inspection compliance is mandatory for many industry and governmental regulatory agencies. Firebug EXT simplifies the reporting and compliance procedures for OSHA, the Joint Commission, and other regulations.
  • Minimize Training Time

    Get up and running in no time - the easy-to-use software allows for quick and effective setup and training for both managers and inspection personnel.
  • Works The Way Your Business Works

    Firebug EXT can be installed and run in one of three ways: internal network server, hosted on a web server or installed on a single PC. This allows companies to choose the option that best fits their needs and demands. This can be important to government clients who have strict guidelines in regards to what can be installed on their systems.
  • Full Support For Every Component Of The System

    General Data can supply everything you need for the complete system, including the software, handheld devices, barcode printers, labels, service and technical support. This eliminates the need to source these products from multiple vendors, saving time, resources and money.
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Database Type
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Operating System
(see details tab)
Mobile Device
Android Jelly Bean (v4.1) or newer
Most Windows, Android or iPad tablets
Hard Disk
100 GB HHD, Application = 100 MB, Database > 100MB
Supporting Software
Visual Studio Express, Internet Explorer 7.0 to 11.0, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Mobile Device Manager or Microsoft Activesync