LabCycle Specimen Tracking Software

LabCycle specimen identification and tracking

LabCycle™ Specimen Tracking Software

Gain real-time access and insight to a specimen's location, history and status in a user-friendly interface.

LabCycle's modular and scalable system enables laboratories to determine what features and modules to implement.

Scalable Specimen Identification, Tracking and Reporting Software

LabCycle is a scalable software solution used to identify specimens throughout the histopathology laboratory’s processes. In its simplest form, LabCycle provides labeling for specimen requisitions, containers, cassettes and slides. When utilizing the solution to its full potential, LabCycle tracks data at each level of specimen processing, documenting individual interaction with each barcoded specimen along with time stamps and locality. LabCycle’s built-in reporting and dashboards display real-time allocation of laboratory resources, while the simple configuration tools allow laboratories to customize the amount of specimen data to capture.

LabCycle specimen identification software     (click photo for larger view)

LabCycle Overview
Features and Benefits
  • User-Friendly

    • Intuitive user screens make it easier to learn the software minimizing the training period
    • Customizable prompts allow specific laboratory terms to be utilized
    • Role-based access allows users to only view their assigned modules
  • Scalable

    • Laboratories decide how much of the system to implement
    • Supports multiple sites
    • Modules can be implemented in phases
  • Specimen Information

    • Real-time access to a specimen’s current location
    • Ability to view a specimen’s history
    • Tracking of instruments used to process the specimen
  • Dashboard and Reports

    • Easily view the number of specimens processed
    • View key performance indicators (KPIs) such as turnaround time (TAT)
    • Locate specimens that have not moved throughout the laboratory within an expected timeframe
  • Hardware Compatibility

    • Option to utilize existing modern computer systems (meeting minimum system requirements)
    • Native support for existing ID/Positive barcode scanners, slide labelers and laser cassette markers
    • Ability to use compatible barcode scanners, slide labelers and cassette printers
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