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Event Wristbands and Hospital Wristbands

Identification wristbands play a central role in many applications, including healthcare and event management. Identification wristbands can help reduce errors, streamline processes and enhance safety – even more so when used as part of a barcode-based identification and tracking system.

Personal ID™ and G-Band™ Wristbands For Positive Patient Identification

General Data's Personal ID™ and G-Band™ wristbands provide a number of options for comfortable, convenient, reliable and easy-to-use wristband identification.

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Recommended Applications
  • Barcode-based identification and tracking of patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Outpatient identification
  • Pediatric/Infant/NICU patient identification
  • Patron identification for entertainment, leisure and events
Featured Wristbands
Personal ID SureSnap Wristbands
Tamperproof snap closure for reliable patient ID
Personal ID FoamWrap Wristbands
Tamperproof snap closure for reliable patient ID
Personal ID Color Wristbands
On-demand color printing for reliable patient ID
Personal ID AC Wristbands
Tamper-evident adhesive closure for reliable patient ID
G-Band Wristbands
Versatile one-size-fits-all wristband
G-Band Ultra Wristbands
Thicker G-Band for added durability
G-Band Sport Wristbands
For events, leisure and entertainment
G-Band Color Wristbands
"On-demand color" wristband capability
Where Wristbands Are Used