Patient Wristband Printing

hospital bracelet and patient wristband printing
  • Wristband printing where you need it, including admissions, ER and nurses stations

  • Quickly and efficiently print hospital bracelets with patient data and barcodes

  • Ensure wristband printing resource availability and printer uptime

Patient Wristband Printing Solutions That Maximize Efficiencies and Enhance Patient Safety

Patient safety is a top priority for healthcare facilities, and barcode-based patient identification systems can significantly reduce errors and improve patient care. Patient safety starts with proper and reliable identification of patients, and patient ID depends on reliable and efficient wristband printing systems.

General Data’s patient wristband printing solutions help hospitals streamline patient identification by enabling wristband printing where it’s needed – at admissions, ER, NICU, and nurses stations.  Hospitals can print wristbands with text and barcodes containing patient information from the hospital’s information system.  General Data’s comprehensive wristband printing solutions, including wristbands, printers, software, services and support, are critical to providing patient identification that reduces errors and enhances patient safety. 

Our Approach
Take the time to understand your hospital's unique needs and goals for patient identification
Provide the right mix of wristbands, printers, software, integration and support plans to meet your goals and deliver maximum ROI
Assure a successful wristband printing installation that meet project goals and objectives
Back everything up with comprehensive service options, support plans, and world-class customer service
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