Prescription and Document Printing

print prescriptions and pharmacy documents
  • Get the right printers for all the documents and labels you need to print
  • Reduce printing costs by managing toner, ink and ribbon usage
  • Ensure printer availability and uptime with comprehensive service and support plans 

Streamline Efficiencies and Cut Costs For Printing Prescriptions and Pharmacy Documents

Pharmacies do a lot of printing - whether its prescriptions, medical records, patient instructions, insurance forms and other documents.  For a pharmacy to operate efficiently, it must have printers it can rely on to print the documents and labels needed to process the day's work.  

General Data helps pharmacies manage their entire document and label printing operation - including printers, printer supplies, maintenance and repair.  Our programs enable pharmacies to cut printing costs by optimizing their printer fleet and printer supplies usage.  We also offer a range of printer service plans and options that can be blended and customized to fit the needs of the individual pharmacy. 

Our Approach
Take the time to understand your pharmacy's printing needs, volume, existing printer assets and supplies usage
Supply the right mix of printers and printer supplies (ink, toner and ribbons) that streamline printing operations and cut costs
Maintian printers to maximize availability and uptime, and replenish printer supplies as needed
Back everything up with comprehensive service options, support plans, and world-class customer service
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