Specimen Collection

specimen collection solutions
  • Ensure the right sample is collected from the right patient

  • Accurately label specimen containers with the correct information

  • Streamline the overall testing process so doctors can make faster decisions

Specimen Collection Solutions That Enhance Patient Safety and Care

Whether it's blood draws or other types of samples, accurately identifying the specimens is a critical first step in ensuring the right testing and results are delivered to the right patient.

General Data's specimen collection solutions enables healthcare providers to properly label and identify blood and other specimens efficiently, accurately and safely, avoiding dangerous and costly errors. Using barcode scanners, mobile devices and label printers, healthcare providers verify patient identity by scanning the patient wristband, then scanning the specimen order to print the correct labels for the specimen container.  This ensures the right specimen is collected from the right patient at the right time and placed in the right container, ensuring the right results and the right course of treatment.

As General Data is a premier partner with the industry's top barcode scanner, mobile device and label printer manufacturers, you can be assured of getting the best devices matched to the specific needs of your facility and staff.  With General Data, you're covered from start to finish - making sure your specimen collection system delivers the best return on investment and enables your staff to focus on delivering better patient care.

Our Approach
Take the time to understand your facility's goals and unique staff needs for specimen collection
Provide the right mix of barcode scanners, mobile devices, mobile workstations, label printers, software, integration and support to meet your goals and deliver maximum ROI
Assure a successful depolyment of devices, communications to host systems and staff training
Back everything up with comprehensive service options, support plans, and world-class customer service
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