LaserTrack PH1 Laser Cassette Printer

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Whether your histology lab's cassette printing needs include reliability, fast print speed, high scan rate, or low maintenance, the LaserTrack PH1 Laser Cassette Printer will enable you to print flawless barcoded tissue and biopsy cassettes from grossing through archiving.

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Video Transcript:

At General Data Healthcare, we care about challenges labs face every day. Results have proven that if labs want superior barcode tracking, they should use laser cassette printing technology.

Introducing the LaserTrack PH1 Cassette Printer, one of the best ways to increase reliability and enhance productivity in your lab.

Sample information is scanned into the software, and you select the number of cassettes you need.

The LaserTrack PH1 has text, linear and two-dimensional barcoding capabilities.

The PH1 prints cassettes at a rate of about one every 4 seconds. Four easily interchangeable magazines hold up to 40 cassettes each.

Cassettes are printed using innovative laser technology that creates such precise, clean edges that barcodes have a 99.5% scan rate throughout the tracking process.

Cassettes load easily into each magazine, and come in handy pre-taped stacks for easy dispensing. All the operator does is fill and pull.

The cassette is the only consumable. No inks, ribbons, printheads, filters, or ancillary consumables are necessary. Cassettes are permanently marked and positively identified for their life.