See The New RTP / RTPH Tissue Processors For Histology Labs

RTP and RTPH 360 Final 3

Tissue Processing That Is Reliable, Effective, Safe, and Fast

RTP and RTPH Tissue Processors offer reliability, ease-of-use and advanced safety features for technicians, fast and accurate processing for doctors, and a faster diagnosis for patients.

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General Data Healthcare brings you the RTPH-360, for tissue processing that is safe, reliable, and effective. Although it can also be used just as well in the traditional manner; when you want to process more tissue in less time; the RTPH enables labs to process as many as 360 specimens in as little as 75 minutes.

The RTPH features a unique bubbling agitation that enables reagents to safely percolate through the tissue, allowing for  thorough penetration of the tissue and ensuring complete processing … with no tissue damage.

A patented enhanced heat exchange element safely and effectively brings reagents to the precise heating point for ensuring high quality tissue and complete processing.

A built-in Reagent Management System calculates reagent usage, based on user-defined limits. This RMS allows the usage of reagents for as long as possible, then alerts the operator for change when necessary.

To change reagents, the operator just removes the bottle and inserts a fresh one. The system automatically sequences the bottles in a new order, without the operator needing to remember or move bottles. A remote fill and drain capability permits draining into larger containers directly from the unit for disposal or recycling.

Another unique feature of the RTPH is a single rotary valve that directs the flow of all reagents to and from the processing chamber. This allows less carryover by effectively closing the port. This simple design means less breakdown potential and lower maintenance costs.

An intuitive touch screen allows fingertip access to 17 customizable programs. At each stage of operation, a visual of the action taking place is displayed for operator awareness. This unit is extremely easy to use, with a 15-inch touch screen, and requires minimal training time.

In the case of a power outage, a power supply monitoring system enables the power-saving mode, emails a list of operators, disables heating, vacuum, pressure, and ensures the tissue is safely covered. Once power is restored, the system will continue processing where it left off.

Remote diagnostics capabilities allow our service team to remotely access and diagnose an issue before dispatching a technician.

The RTPH is also capable of running xylene, xylene-free, and xylene substitute protocols.