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3 No-Fail Tips to Save While Upgrading Warehouse Technology

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Savvy warehouse and DC businesses and logistics providers test and implement new processes that optimize for supply chain and omnichannel fulfillment so they can effectively respond to internal and external changes in demand. This means they need new technology and devices that can utilize new system capabilities now and in the future as these capabilities expand and change. 

Maintaining the latest in enterprise-grade technology and planning for future upgrades is essential. But with all the changes in systems and capabilities, how can organizations be sure they’re getting what they uniquely need? 

Tip #1: Reference Proven Successes

One way to decide what technologies and devices are best suited to your operation is by checking what other companies are using successfully. We’ve put together some case studies here that discuss business needs and how featured companies used hardware technology and software solutions to help them increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and maximize worker productivity.

Tip #2: Seek Out and Engage Technology Experts

Another way to learn what technologies and devices would benefit your own operation is to have a technology expert review your facility. What better way than a personal visit to assess your needs and advise on software compatibility, or compare which devices have both resistive and capacitive touchscreen options, optional screen defrosters, or that perform equally well indoors and outside, for case picking, truck loading, put-away and replenishment?

Tip #3: Save Money by Trading in Outdated Technology

Consider trading in devices that have reached the end of useful life. Most manufacturers will only provide parts and support for a maximum of five years after product obsolescence. Honeywell is a technology provider that allows trade-ins on outdated scanners, printers, and mobility devices, even if they’re not Honeywell devices!

General Data is an experienced Honeywell platinum partner. We can help you create a customized solution that saves money, increases productivity, creates efficiencies, and effectively utilizes system capabilities now and into the future. 

Contact us today to save AND future-proof your warehouse! Special trade-In discounts apply through December 31, 2023, so don’t wait!