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General Data helps you find the best RFID solution for your business type, application and budget

RFID Technologies From General Data

RFID technology improves processes by automatically locating and tracking tagged objects at greater speed, accuracy and volume than traditional methods.  But there is a lot more to a successful RFID implementation than many businesses realize.  Metals and liquids can obstruct RFID. Multiple frequencies can step on each other. And RFID tags not designed for their environment can fall off or lose their ability to communicate.

At General Data, we understand your RFID needs.  Our RFID experts can assist you to engineer the ideal RFID solution without getting stuck with extra unnecessary costs and complexity. We are certified top-level partners with the best-in-class RFID technology manufacturers and brands, and we can help you evaluate your choices and options to find the best RFID products and solutions for your business type, application and budget.

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