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Temperature Monitoring and Sensing

Temperature Monitoring and Sensing

Wirelessly Track Environmental Temperatures with Temperature Sensing Systems and Temperature Indicator Labels

Some cold chain management situations call for temperature monitoring of smaller shipments, deliveries, or even unit-level coverage. This level of monitoring has become essential to reducing waste, extending shelf life, increasing inventories and saving money for both supplier and end-user; particularly in the healthcare and retail industries.

Electronic temperature sensors wirelessly monitor environments containing temperature-sensitive products, offering mobile connectivity and data-sharing to help ensure your biological products are monitored throughout production, storage, and shipment. These sensors allow you to retrieve and record data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment and temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity.

Temperature indicator labels, also wireless, are tags that provide dynamic temperature updates to cold chain logistics professionals during or post-production. These labels provide cumulative temperature-time exposure at a variety of time intervals to deliver information for compliance, particularly for food and pharmaceutical suppliers, as well as any company involved in temperature-sensitive logistics.
Check with your General Data representative today to see if either of these innovative technologies would be beneficial to your cold chain operation.

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