Cold Chain Solutions

Purpose-built for cold environments

Optimize Cold Chain Storage, Movement and Management Efficiencies

Cold storage facilities and transportation necessitate their own unique set of requirements, processes, and equipment to protect employees and products. Condensation, frost, insulation, and temperature fluctuations can all affect connectivity, circuits, batteries, and device screen visibility; thereby reducing efficiency, accuracy, and cycle times in your operation.

You need devices that are specifically designed to handle the challenges of this demanding environment. Cold environments need rugged devices that are purpose-built to handle cold air, frost, condensation, and continuous temperature shocks from traveling in and out of frozen and refrigerated areas. General Data has you covered with advanced rugged and ultra-rugged devices that come equipped with the technology and durability to perform optimally even in sub-zero temperatures.

Increase Productivity and Accuracy in Cold Chain Environments

Just as outerwear, gloves, hats, ear and other protection are necessary for workers to function for more than a few minutes in a cold environment, devices and even labels must be constructed to perform under these demanding conditions. We understand the needs of this specific environment and provide mobile computers, barcode readers and wireless networking equipment designed with features created specifically for use in cold environments, to keep your operation running reliably and accurately with no loss in productivity, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

General Data is known for all aspects of labeling, packaging, data collection, field mobility, traceability, and more. Our expertise in the Food & Beverage industry, Transportation & Logistics, and Healthcare industries allow us to create a complete solution for your Cold Chain tracking needs with the right mix of products and services for meeting your needs and delivering maximum return on your investment.

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