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Zebra Electronic Temperature Sensors

  • Wirelessly monitor envrionments containing temperature-sensitive products
  • Bluetooth enabled to offer mobile connectivity and data sharing
Zebra Electronic Temperature Sensors
Freezer Ready Technology Outside the Four Walls

Cold chain management presents some unique challenges, such as the need for temperature tracking and monitoring inside and outside the four walls of your facility. Cold chain monitoring has traditionally been costly, complex, and difficult to maintain, full of regulations and compliance requirements, not to mention the climate difficulties; both human and regulatory. You can easily overcome these challenges with Zebra Electronic Temperature Sensors, which offer visibility, control, and contact-free managing capabilities to minimize risk and reduce costs.

Used in production, storage, and shipment, Zebra Electronic Temperature Sensors allow you to retrieve and record data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment and temperature-controlled rooms. Each sensor can store over 16,000 data points and can deliver instant alerts on fluctuating or faltering temperatures that could impact your products or inventory.

Features and Benefits
Simple, Cost-Effective, Cloud-Based Monitoring Solution
These Zebra devices are re-usable as well as easy to implement and manage. You will be able to monitor extreme temperatures from -200° to +200°C (-328° to +392°F), and have access to a memory of 16,000 readings that will remain available for up to 10 years. You easily obtain visualization, receive timely alerts, and quickly generate reports for analysis and compliance.
Customizable Settings Can Be Reconfigured As Needs Change
The same device can be configured and reconfigured for each cold chain shipment or a storage environment. Reduce your device inventory with reusable and customizable sensors; gain effective control over settings such as start time, reading intervals, temperature parameters and alert limits.
Bluetooth Connectivity Allows Data Retrieval On-site Or Remotely
Read data easily on a mobile device via the EDGEVue app or the Zebra Gateway. Access and record data, track routes, provide geolocation; monitor continuously during shipment through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment, and some temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity.
Easy Visibility Into Temperatures And Sensors
Zebra Electronic Temperature Sensors provide easy visibility on temperature wherever the electronic sensors are placed. Both the S-400 and M-300 Series Electronic Temperature Sensors offer a light, compact design, a long-life, replaceable lithium battery, and IP protection against dust and water. These devices are easy to place inside containers, coolers, and other metal enclosures for shipping, or to mount on facility equipment walls, making them equally suitable for pharmaceuticals and biologics, chilled and frozen food and other temperature-sensitive products.
Easy Access To Temperature Readings With Electronic Sensor Data And Device Monitoring Tools
With the free EDGEVue™ Apps, you can monitor temperature readings and geolocation data as well as share data on-demand to the EDGECloud™ directly from smartphones and tablets. Customize preferences, set alarms, datalogging intervals, startup options and time and temperature units. And with global access, automatically upload temperature data to the cloud with OCEABridge™ Wireless Gateway.
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