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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Technology Now

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November 28, 2022
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While they may seem preferable at first, legacy devices are rarely suitable to handle today's ever-increasing demand levels. With demands for speed, varied delivery options, and product shortages persisting into the new year, warehouses must navigate through a myriad of challenges to secure profitability and reduce worker stress. Distribution centers cite three immediate benefits to be realized by upgrading current technology:

1.  Reduction in Data Errors and Bottlenecks

Paper-based systems have been shown to increase risks for costly errors. However, nearly one in five decision-makers still report leveraging manual systems and fixed workstations. When handling multiple similar products, frequent errors can result in surprise stockouts, missing inventory, and delayed locationing. 

Digitized and mobile data capture prevents errors from entering your workflow by transmitting captured data straight to your WMS. Newer devices like the MC9300 streamline data capture and sharing, breaking down bottlenecks, accelerating order fulfillment rates, and improving accuracy. 


2. Dependable Data Security

Cyberattacks have cost the warehousing industry over $3 billion, with new attacks happening constantly. As e-commerce continues to reshape supply chains, hackers are targeting warehouses and distribution centers for sensitive data. Legacy systems running on unsupported operating systems like Windows leave your workflows vulnerable to cyberattacks since these lack the proper measures to ward off unauthorized access.

From handheld devices to industrial printers, modernized devices must run on supported operating systems to prevent data breaches. Unlike Windows, Android's latest OS version provides vital security patches and an open app ecosystem to facilitate application and software updates. 


3. Rapid Employee Onboarding & Integration

Studies found in Zebra's new warehousing vision study suggest the average new employee takes 4.7 weeks to become fully trained. Complex training on inefficient technology can contribute to turnover if left unchecked.

Modern devices now leverage familiar functions such as touchscreen and push-to-talk communication. Applications like Zebra's All-Touch Terminal Emulation convert crucial green-screen apps into a touchscreen interface, facilitating employee training with user-friendly platforms. 

Upgrading Technologies with the GO Zebra Program

Since there are so many options when it comes to modernization, General Data recommends assessing your warehouse to pinpoint optimization areas and consolidate workflows. Equipped with this complete view, your team can work on implementing purpose-built, versatile systems customized to work within your budget. 



    Many companies avoid modernizing due to cost concerns. For this reason, General Data partners with Zebra Technologies so you can upgrade devices from any manufacturer and get cash rebates after completing three simple steps: 

    1. Purchase your eligible scanner and/or printer
    2. Submit your claim form within 90 days of the invoice date
    3. Trade in legacy devices for up to $650 in rebates per device

    In other words, starting your optimization journey doesn't have to be complicated. Contact General Data today to discover which upgraaded device best fits your workflows. 


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