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4 Reasons Why Clear View Window and Door Labels Are The Clear Choice

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March 24, 2023

Manufacturers of windows, doors and skylights are always pursuing innovation and efficiency in their manufacturing processes.  From using better materials to finding better ways to produce their products more efficiently, the end goal is to always deliver a finished product that delights the customer.  

The labels that these manufacturers use on their windows, doors and skylights play a critical role in the overall customer experience.  They contain important manufacturer, product, installer and consumer information, including NFRC energy performance ratings.  Because of the labels importance, window manufacturers look for window labels that are reliable, easy to use in their production processes, and help promote the overall brand to the customer.

With this in mind, here’s 4 reasons why Clear View Window Labels are the top choice for window, door and skylight manufacturers in the building supply industry:

1. Showcase Your Company, Branding and Product Information

Clear View Window Labels can be pre-printed with multiple colors so you can include your company and product logos and other design elements in beautiful rich colors.  Nothing says quality like a professional-looking color label on your window – make a positive and lasting brand impression with your customers that a simple black and white label can not do.  In addition, Clear View Window labels can be pre-printed on both sides of the label, so printed information can be visible from both sides of the window.



2. Available in Paper or Film Substrates In Linered or Linerless Configurations

Clear View Window Labels are available in a choice of substrates depending on your needs and budget.  You can choose the paper option – it’s the most economical and ideal for short-term use, but may not be able to withstand environmental and handling conditions that are beyond normal.  The film-based substrate is more durable and can withstand harsher environments and handling, as well as longer-term use, but are at a higher price point.  The film option is available in both linered and linerless configurations, while the paper is available in linerless only. With these different options, you’ll find the ideal window label choice that offers the performance you need and best fits your requirements and budget.



3. Removes Cleanly from The Window Surface With No Sticky Residue

Don’t frustrate your customers with cheap window labels that are difficult to remove from the glass surface!  Clear View Window Labels are manufactured with a special adhesive that is designed to adhere completely and reliably, yet remove easily and cleanly from the glass without leaving behind any residual adhesive.  Your customers will love that convenience – and appreciate not having to scrape dried adhesive off their new windows.

4. Made In The USA By An Industry Leader

General Data is a US-based label manufacturer, with facilities in the Midwest and Southeast.  We specialize in both industrial and consumer goods labeling applications, and have been producing unique and innovative product labels for over 30 years.  Our label manufacturing facilities are ISO-certified and follow the most stringent quality procedures.  We provide fast turnaround, reliable delivery and exceptional service to customers large and small in a wide array of industries, including the building supply industry.

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