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Black Rhino Printer Supplies - The Proven OEM Alternative

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November 8, 2018
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When you buy a cartridge that’s made by a specific printer brand for use with that brand, it’s called an original equipment manufacturer product, or “OEM” for short. OEM ink and toner products set the standards of quality and performance. They’re dependable, they produce incredible print work, and they’re designed specifically to work with OEM printers. However, remanufactured cartridges provide consumers with a more affordable alternative. Our Black Rhino printer supplies match the print quality, page yield, and shelf life of OEM products, but you’ll end up paying just a fraction of the OEM cost!

When you purchase an OEM cartridge and use up all the ink or toner inside, you have the option of recycling that empty cartridge. Many office supply stores collect these empty cartridges for recycling, as do a number of online businesses. A remanufactured replacement cartridge is essentially a recycled OEM cartridge that’s been cleaned, refilled with ink or toner, and inspected for quality. However, the business you purchase your cartridge from will determine the quality and performance of that cartridge. 

The Black Rhino Standard

Our Black Rhino remanufactured replacement cartridges are inspected for faults at every phase of the remanufacturing process. Each cartridge that passes our initial inspection is then put through a rigorous factory cleaning and drying process to remove any lingering ink/toner as well as any dust or dirt particles that may have accumulated. Our engineers replenish each cartridge with premium ink or toner to the OEM factory recommended fill level, which is why you’re able to get OEM page yields from a remanufactured product. Afterwards, our technicians perform the same post-remanufacturing print tests that OEM toner goes through, so you always know you’re getting a quality product that performs just as well as an OEM cartridge.  One other benefit of using this option is that it is more environmentally friendly. By definition, this process involves recycling old cartridges rather than adding more waste to the environment.

Check out our latest infographic for a quick breakdown of the benefits to using Black Rhino Printer Supplies as your OEM alternative.

All Black Rhino products are backed by a 100% performance guarantee. If a product does not work as expected, we'll replace it. Browse our selection of Black Rhino Printer Supplies on The General Data Store.