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Need To Print Color On Dark Media? Make That Color "Pop" With The VersaLink C8000W White Toner Color Laser Printer

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January 4, 2021
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Are you looking for a way to make your printed products stand out among the competition and draw potential consumers in? Well then, the Xerox VersaLink C8000W could be just the printer for you.

The VersaLink C8000W is a color laser printer that prints with white toner which accentuates your text on dark media and gives you the highest quality of print output. Not only does the VersaLink C8000W have the ability to draw attention to your white text but it also allows you to underlay the white toner beneath CMY text to make colored text pop and create an eye-catching display. Not to mention, all of this printing is done in a single pass which makes short runs efficient and cost-effective. 

Xerox's VersaLink® C8000W Color Printer comes supplied with everything you need to support white toner workflows; integral graphics controller, Mac and Windows drivers, and built-in color tables. It allows you to expand your business offerings into the world of color printing on dark media while keeping a small footprint and low price point. This makes the VersaLink C8000W a low risk, high reward business opportunity. 

Why Print With White Toner?

When you use white toner, it opens up the opportunity to print on dark and colored media. You can now print beautiful menus, posters, window clings, invitations and so much more on dark media without sacrificing the eye appeal that comes with using bright, white substrates. Printing a white underlay beneath CMY on dark media produces a professional-grade image that will stand out prominently on any background. This brings in a plethora of new, unique print options that will be sure to get your printed item noticed. 

An Intuitive User Experience

The beauty of the Xerox Versalink C8000W is that it is easy to use for people with varying levels of design experience from office users using simple Microsoft applications to designers using the Adobe Suite. Advanced graphic software skills are not necessary to be able to produce high quality, unique documents using this printer. It comes supplied with Mac and Windows drivers which allow you to select up to 12 media colors and print to the device from your Microsoft Applications. With the use of optional software, users of the Versalink C8000W can easily import PDFs, JPEGs and Photoshop files to quickly create output graphics, as well. With its mobile and cloud connectivity options, this printer truly provides an intuitive user experience. 

Open Up New Windows of Opportunity

You can use this technology to your benefit in a myriad of different ways. 

1. Window Signage: Using the white toner to underlay beneath the colored text on transparent media is a great way to make your window signage pop and draw customers in from the street. 

2. Menus: The ability to use dark media will make your menus stand out against others. The toner has also been tested to hold up against bleach and cleaners which is great for being able to clean your menus in today's virus prone world. 

3. Invitations: With the VersaLink C8000W you can make wedding or event invitations that are beautifully unique and something your guests will not quickly forget. 

4. Banners, Brochures, and so much more

This helps you print more professional-looking documents that are sure to draw attention. With a small footprint and low price point the Xerox Versalink C8000W is a powerful addition to any designer's toolkit and is sure to give you an edge.

A Low Cost Entry Point Into a World of New Print Applications

If you need a printer that produces vibrant colors with professional grade performance and reliability, look no further than the Versalink C8000W printer. With its white toner technology, this printer is sure to give you the edge to stand out among the competition. The Versalink's technology coupled with its mobile/cloud connectivity, small footprint and low price point make it an irresistible option for your business.

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