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General Data Company Announces Strategic Partnership With PrintReleaf

January 11, 2016

General Data Company Announces Strategic Partnership With PrintReleaf

New software leverages connected technology to certifiably releaf forest consumption

Cincinnati, OH – October 1, 2015 – General Data Company, Inc. has become an authorized channel partner of the PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX], the first technology platform to enable cloud-based forest product (e.g., paper) tracking and reforestation. This strategic partnership allows the company to provide its customers with an innovative and authentic way to promote sustainable business practices and reduce the environmental impacts that can result from the use of forest products, such as printing.

PRX measures paper consumption through a patent-pending aggregation process that uses the automatic transmission of device and fleet data collected by print management software on imaging devices. This allows end users to help neutralize paper waste, improve efficiency and certifiably participate in sustaining our global forests.

With PRX, customers “releaf,” or reforest, their paper consumption by planting new trees – equivalent to their paper use – at global reforestation project sites of their choice. Through PrintReleaf’s integration with Global Forest Watch, a platform hosted by the World Resources Institute, customer’s interface with heat map technology that represents forest loss and gain across the globe, showing them which areas the planet needs trees most. PrintReleaf reforests at a generally accepted rate of 8,333 sheets of paper per tree (this equation is detailed in PrintReleaf’s global standard for sustainability). After selecting where they want their paper releafed, customers can use their online portal to track the evolution, growth, and survival of their trees over an approximate eight-year time frame for each tree.

Since the launch of PrintReleaf, the company has measured nearly 100 million pages and releafed 10,000 trees.

This partnership also provides General Data’s customers with the option to integrate social media, automatically sharing monthly Twitter and Facebook announcements of releaf transactions that promote active participation in sustainable business practices.

About General Data Company, Inc.

Headquartered in Cincinnati OH, General Data Company Inc., (www.general-data.com) is a leading innovator and provider of labeling, identification, tracking, and printer service solutions. General Data’s products, services and solutions enable organizations to improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, cut costs and better serve their customers.  General Data has sales and service locations throughout the US.

About PrintReleaf

Creating a global standard for sustainable forest product consumption, PrintReleaf guarantees to certifiably releaf all forest products consumed by its customers. Founded in 2011 by MPS industry veterans, the PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX] is the first technology platform that measures a customer’s forest consumption and connects them directly to reforestation projects. The patent-pending technology not only measures consumption, but tracks its reforestation partners to ensure fulfillment. For more information, please visit www.printreleaf.com

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