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General Data Healthcare Joins MUSE, Provides Histology Tracking

January 3, 2013
General Data Healthcare Joins MUSE, Provides Histology Tracking

Histology labs using MEDITECH can reduce errors and streamline workflows through the ID/Positive™ family of barcode-based identification and tracking solutions

Cincinnati, OH – January 3, 2013 – General Data Healthcare, Inc., the industry’s leading supplier of innovative barcode identification and tracking systems and solutions, today announced that the company has been accepted as a member of the Medical Users Software Exchange (MUSE) community of MEDITECH users and professionals, bringing a host of resources and support to MEDITECH users seeking to utilize barcode technology to improve processes and eliminate errors throughout their facility. As a MUSE member, General Data Healthcare will help MEDITECH users identify the best barcode labeling, identification, scanning, tracking and service systems and technologies, and be a resource for users needing to integrate these technologies into their MEDITECH applications in the areas of histology lab specimen tracking, patient identification, medication administration and pharmacy labeling.

General Data Healthcare’s ID/Positive™ provides MEDITECH-based histology labs with a complete solution for using barcode technology to accurately and reliably identify tissue specimens and track them throughout the entire lab process. ID/Positive™ ’s HTS Histology Tracking System integrates with MEDITECH’s Client Server and Magic application versions to provide complete end-to-end specimen tracking and workflow management for histology labs.

Additionally, General Data Healthcare’s Personal ID™ and G-Band™ patient identification wristband solutions enable MEDITECH-based facilities to print high-resolution wristbands that are durable, easy to use, and comfortable for a variety of patients, including inpatient, outpatient, elderly, pediatrics and NICU. With these patient wristbands, MEDITECH facilities can use barcode technology to positively identify patients and eliminate dangerous medication administration errors by helping to assure the 5 “rights” – the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route and the right time.

“ We are very excited to bring the full range of our solutions and resources to this knowledgeable and active user community, and we look forward to collaborating with them to help streamline workflows, eliminate errors and enhance patient safety in their histology labs and all other areas of their facilities,” said Jim Bacho, Vice-President and General Manager for General Data Healthcare. “MUSE is the premier organization for MEDITECH users, and our membership provides new opportunities to partner with and support the unique needs of MEDITECH hospitals.”

General Data Healthcare plans to participate in various MUSE conferences in the upcoming year, including the 2013 International Conference in Washington, DC. For more information about MUSE, visit http://www.museweb.org.

For more information about General Data Healthcare, visit http://www.general-data.com/healthcare.

About General Data Healthcare General Data Healthcare Inc., a subsidiary of General Data Company Inc., (http://www.general-data.com) is a leading innovator and provider of labeling, identification and tracking solutions using barcode technologies for healthcare facilities. General Data Healthcare’s products and solutions enable healthcare facilities to improve efficiencies, eliminate errors and enhance patient safety through reliable and cost-effective technology solutions that deliver true value across the organization, while enabling staff to focus on what they do best: patient safety and services. General Data Healthcare’s ID/Positive® laboratory specimen identification and tracking solutions are used in histology labs worldwide to automate, streamline, error-proof and optimize specimen processing and lab workflow. For more information, visit http://www.general-data.com/healthcare, or email talktous@general-data.com.

About General Data Company, Inc. General Data Company, Inc. is recognized as a premier provider of innovative barcode identification and automated data collection products, solutions and services that enable organizations to streamline workflow, error proof processes, better manage critical data, and improve business-process accuracy, productivity and performance. Founded in 1981, General Data is a privately held company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. More information on General Data’s products and solutions can be found at www.general-data.com.

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