The PartnerZone - For General Data Channel Partners

PartnerZone for General Data Channel Partners
What Is The PartnerZone?
Who is a General Data Channel Partner?

There are companies that provide labels. And then there are companies that provide labeling solutions. That’s the essence of a General Data Channel Partner.

General Data Channel Partners specialize in providing unique and innovative labeling solutions to their customers, usually focusing on a vertical market or business specialty. What sets General Data Channel Partners apart is their dedication to customer service by providing labeling and identification solutions their customers can depend on.

Channel Partner Testimonials

"It's a pleasure working with the folks at General Data.  The expertise of their staff has helped me gain new customers by selling unique labeling solutions that no one else can offer."

- Bob W., Chicago

"I had a customer who needed to label machinery that was pressure-washed each evening.  Nothing worked.  I worked with General Data's R&D on the problem, and they developed a label that survived the nightly pressure-washing with no issues whatsoever.  Now I've got a happy customer and much more business has opened up for me."

- Robin D., Knoxville

Benefits of Becoming a Channel Partner


  • All types of labels
  • Stock labels
  • Custom labels
  • Specialty labels
  • Thermal transfer ribbons
  • Toner, ink and printer supplies


  • Specialized pricing
  • Online ordering
  • Custom/blind shipping
  • Exclusive promotions

R&D Resources

  • Product development
  • Application testing
  • Print testing
  • Custom formulations


  • Sales training
  • Product training
  • Market resources
  • Industry intel


  • Dedicated account rep
  • Product advice
  • Sales strategies
  • Business development