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Reagents for Processing & Staining

  • Process and stain tissues of all types with reproducible results
  • All alcohols are ACS grade
Reagents for Processing & Staining
Histology Reagents For Processing & Staining

Top quality reagents for reproducible results; providing assurance that you can process and stain tissues of all types. All alcohols are ACS grade; and each product has a color-coded label for easy recognition and reduced errors.

Formalin, 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin

  • Ready to use phosphate-buffered formalin.

Reagent Alcohol 100% (200 proof)

  • Consists of 95 parts Formula 3A specially denatured ACS grade alcohol and 5 parts ACS grade isopropanol. Ideal for virtually all processing and staining procedures in the lab. Ultra-high filtration and quality control ensures consistently high performance.

Reagent Alcohol 95%

  • Reagent Alcohol 100% with 5 parts deionized water.

Reagent Alcohol 80%

  • Reagent Alcohol 100% with 20 parts deionized water.

Reagent Alcohol 70%

  • 70% Alcohol blend using an ultrapure type 1 water. Specifically formulated for use with cytology imaging systems, this alcohol blend also performs well in all standard laboratory applications.


  • Purified and filtered for a consistent, quality product.

XydeClear Xylene Substitute

  • Higher permissible exposure limit than xylene. 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon for processing and staining, with no odor.
General Data Healthcare Reagents for Processing & Staining Features & Benefits
Top Quality Reagents Mean Reproducible Results
Reproducible results mean assurance that you can process and stain tissues of all types.
Color-Coded Labels On Each Product
You won't be reaching for the wrong bottle because each product is clearly and distinctly labeled and color-coded.
All Alcohols Are ACS Grade
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