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Custom Label Quote Request

Get a Fast, No-Charge Quote For Any Type Of Custom Label

Use this form to give us your label specifications so we can provide you with a custom label quotation. Please fill out all fields that apply to your label and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

The more information you can give us, the faster we can get back to you with an accurate quote.

A General Data Account Manager will respond to your request shortly with any questions, more information and pricing.

If you just want to ask us a question or request more information, you can contact us here.

1. Your Contact Information

Complete all fields so we know how to contact you with any questions, or to send you your quote.

If you are a current General Data customer and you know who your account manager is, select their name from the list.  Specifying your account Manager will get your label quote back to you faster!

Are You A Current General Data Customer?

2. Label Construction

Label width is the measurement across the label - the dimension perpendicular to the feed direction.

Label length is the measurement along the label - the dimension parallel to the feed direction.

Label Roll Diagram



First, select the desired label material. If film is selected, your General Data account manager will work with you to choose the best film for your application and budget.

Second, does the label's end user intend to print on the label?  If so, choose the print technology that will be used to print on the label.  If the user does not intend to print on the label, indicate that here.

For direct thermal, indicate whether you want the label to have a topcoat for added durability.



Choose the desired adhesive type. Your General Data account manager will spec the correct adhesive based on your desired performance, material type and application. Choose "none" if we are quoting a tag instead of a label.

Perforations / Slitting


Indicate here if you want a perf between each label, a face slit, or a back slit.  Please include any specials instructions for perfs or slitting in the comments section below.

3. Label Finishing

Finished In Rolls


Label Roll Diagram

Finished Fanfolded

Fanfold Roll Diagram

Finished In Sheets

Sheet Roll Diagram

4. Label Environment

Describe the surface that the label will be applied to, and environment that this label will be used.

Please include any additional specifications or special instructions in the comments section below.

Surface Label Will Be Applied To:  (check all that apply)

Environment Label Will Be Used In:  (check all that apply)

Label Exposure

Will the label be exposed to any chemicals or other liquids?

If the label will be exposed to chemicals, please specify which chemicals in the comments section below.

Label Will Be Exposed To:  (check all that apply)

Label Application Method

5. Label Printing

If you would like us to quote any printing on the label, specify the the type of printing here. 

For spot colors, choose the number of colors and specify the PMS numbers in the comments below.

If you have a picture of the existing label, a mockup, or artwork files for this label, you can send them to us along with this quote request in the "File Upload" section below.

6. Quantities To Quote

Specify the quantities (up to four) that you would like us to quote for this label.

Quantities should be expressed as number of labels (ie. 150,000).

Quote Quantities:

7. File Upload

Include a picture, mockup or artwork files for your label to help us give you an accurate quote. 

You can upload GIF, JPG and PNG files directly.  All other file formats must be compressed in a ZIP file and uploaded in that ZIP file. 

10 MB upload size limit.

8. Comments Or Special Instructions

Let us know about any special instructions or other specifications (ie. packaging requrements, certification requirements, facestocks, adhesvies, speical diecuts, etc.) not listed above. 

The more information you give us, the faster and more accurate your label quote will be.