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Linerless Labels

  • Pressure-Sensitive Direct Thermal Labels Without A Liner
  • Up To 60% More Labels Per Roll - Efficient and Eco-Friendly
Linerless Labels
Linerless Labels Are A Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Alternative To Standard Labeling

Linerless labels are, quite simply, pressure-sensitive labels that do not have a liner. They are made with a special release coating applied to the face of the label which allows the labels to be wound on a roll without the adhesive sticking to the label below it. This release coating not only prevents them from sticking to each other but also creates a UV, chemical and moisture resistant barrier.

Linerless Labels
Linerless Labels To Fit Every Need

Eliminating the liner is a better, smarter and greener solution for companies looking to reduce waste or be more environmental friendly.  Linerless labels also increaes the safety and productivity of a workplace by removing the hazard of slippery silicone-based liners.

General Data's linerless labels are available in stock sizes, or we can also produce custom linerless labels to fit your specific application and needs.

  • Blank or pre-printed
  • Pre-print static or variable data
  • Variable length rolls
  • Permanent, removeable or freezer-grade adhesives


Features and Benefits
Cost Effective
Our linerless label rolls have up to 60% more labels per roll which translates to savings on material, freight and storage costs versus standard linered labels.
Increased Productivity
The time spent printing and changing out label rolls is eliminated, as well as time spent managing and disposing of the liners which can increase the productivity of your employees.
Increased Workplace Safety
Potential workplace injuries are prevented by removing the hazard of slippery liner waste on the warehouse floor.
Environmentally Friendly
Linerless labels reduce a company's solid waste stream, eliminate silicone in landfills and help achieve corporate "green" zero-waste initiatives.
Excellent ROI
Pre-printed linerless labels offer a significant ROI for high-volume applications because there is no prep time required for printing, no equipment to purchase or maintain and no inventory or replenishment concerns for printer consumables.
Recommended Applications For Linerless Labels
License Plate Labeling
Asset Tracking and Identification
Inventory Control
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