AML Scepter Industrial Mobile Computer

  • The perfect all-day, multi-shift mobile computer for virtually any data collection application
  • Designed specifically for challenging environments such as Manufacturing, Distribution, and Warehousing
AML Scepter Mobile Computer
The Most Versatile Mobile Computer Available Today

Designed specifically for rugged environments, the AML Scepter Industrial Mobile Computer will excel in virtually any task, delivering the performance and reliability demanded by today's industrial user. The Scepter is engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A., combining the tried and true convention with the new and contemporary. The Scepter is the latest innovation in barcode scanning mobile computing, combining contemporary technology with a proven, ergonomically sound industrial design. Powered by Android and fitted with the largest display in the industry, for non-tablet devices, the Scepter delivers on all fronts…performance, reliability, and affordability.

Features and Benefits
Product Life
The Scepter was specifically designed for industrial applications in environments where users expect to get several years of productive use out of their mobile computers. By using industrial-grade components with long production life cycles, the Scepter will remain a mainstay of the AML product line for many years to come.
Largest Display Available
The 5” display is the largest display available on a non-tablet, barcode scanning mobile computer. Bigger displays mean more information available to the user without having to navigate to the next screen. It means being able to show images, messages or virtual keys without covering up critical task data.
Tactile Keypad
With such a large display, one might argue that a tactile keyboard isn’t necessary. However, the demands of industrial applications dictate that not only are tactile keyboards necessary, but highlight the fact that touchscreen keyboards are inherently more error-prone, despite the marketing efforts to convince otherwise.
Operating System
From its first day on the drawing board, the Scepter was always going to be an Android device. Given the current status of other competitive embedded operating systems, it was an easy choice made even easier when one sees the unending list of software developers and application providers that are offering more and more Android products.
High Capacity Battery
The Scepter utilizes two lithium-ion batteries during operation. At 24.8 watt-hours, the Scepter has the highest capacity battery for its class of mobile computers.
Built for Industrial Applications
Designed specifically for industrial applications, the Scepter can take a beating. The housing is made from a specifically selected and formulated polycarbonate plastic, for enhanced impact durability across a wide range of temperatures. Conservatively, the Scepter is warranted for a 6 foot (1.8 meters) drop to concrete, on any side. Its IP65 ingress protection rating means that it is completely sealed and protected from dust, and can take water spray from low-pressure jets coming from any direction.
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