AML Striker Industrial Mobile Computer

  • The ergonomic design is well-suited for all-day use in virtually any environment
  • The lean, compact design of the 4" display also features a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
AML Striker Mobile Computer
Durability and Versatility in an Android Handheld Computer

The AML Striker Industrial Mobile Computer is the continuation of AML's development of Android-based mobile computers engineered and manufactured in the USA. A smaller, lighter version of our popular Scepter mobile computer, Striker delivers on affordability, durability and versatility that will take it into a wide variety of applications in distribution, manufacturing, retail, and commercial deployments. High performance doesn't have to come at a high cost, as the Striker is the most affordable Android mobile computer in its class on the market today. 

Features and Benefits
Lightweight, Compact Design
Striker’s ergonomic design is well-suited for all-day use in virtually any environment. The battery and scan engine are strategically placed for optimum balance and comfort. Striker is available with a handle for heavy-duty use, or, without a handle for light use or space-saving desktop configuration.
4" LCD with Capacitive Touch Screen
Despite its lean, compact design, Striker’s 4” display provides more viewing area than legacy devices that sported 3.5” displays. The device also features a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen that allows for on-screen gesturing that most users are accustomed to with their personal devices.
High Performance Architecture
Striker is powered by Android 8.1 running on an octa-core processor at 1.8 GHz. Fast, efficient performance is the key to keeping workers fully optimized in their tasks.
Onboard Software
Striker has several built-in utilities designed to assist with configuration and deployment. Also included is our DC Suite software, a collection of seven pre-written applications for common everyday barcode data capture tasks. Striker is also preloaded with an unlicensed Ivanti Velocity TE client, along with a basic, text-based VT220 TE client, which is licensed and ready to use.
Rugged IP65 Rating
Mobile devices will invariably get dropped, and in some environments get exposed to water, dust or other contaminates. Striker is dust tight, and is warranted to survive a 6’ drop to a concrete floor or water sprayed from any angle.
Multiple Barcode Scan Engines
Striker can accommodate most of the popular barcode scan engines available from the industry leaders in scanning technology, ranging from CCD, Laser, 2D Imaging, to Near/Far 2D Imaging. Every Striker can be configured to meet the specific application requirements for any user.
Hygienic Housing
Striker’s polycarbonate housing is produced with an antimicrobial additive for resistance to the growth of microorganisms, as well as UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration due to prolonged UV exposure, commonly used for disinfection purposes.
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