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Newcastle EC Series Mobile Powered Workstations

  • Reduce Labor By As Much As $10K Per Worker
  • Increase Receipts By As Much As 60%
Newcastle EC Series Mobile Workstations
Boost Your Dock to Stock Metrics with the EcoCart

The entry-level Newcastle EC Series Mobile Powered Workstations are designed to provide true mobility within a facility, while eliminating unnecessary movement, touches and transportation wastes. This can result in improved dock to stock cycle times in receiving and on-time shipments in your shipping areas. This lightweight, compact unit is ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer and scanner for 8+ hours at time.  

Features and Benefits
Typical Productivity Gains
Reduce dock to stock cycle time by 50% or more by reducing motion, touches and paperwork. Inventory is more accurate, docks are clear, flow is greatly improved and workers are less fatigued.
Power & Run Time
Choose from a variety of power system configurations to handle your power requirements - based upon the typical devices powered.
See Your ROI In Less Than 3 Months
Reduce labor by as much as $10k per worker. Increase receipts by as much as 60%. Reduce improperly labeled inventories. Reduce inaccurate inventories. Process goods directly at the pallet or on the dock.
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