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Zebra RFD90 Handheld RFID Sled

  • Ultra-rugged to withstand everyday use acros a variety of harsh conditions
  • Compatible with almost any mobile device
  • Read rate of 1300 tags per second, standard read range of 22 feet, extended range of 75 feet
Zebra RFD90 Handheld RFID Sled
Relentless. Versatile. Future-Proof.

Today’s workplaces are under pressure to deliver higher volumes at greater speeds, even while struggling with unpredictable supply chains and workforces. Regardless of the type of workplace, fast, accurate RFID solutions can make a critical difference – now even in the most demanding environments. Zebra’s RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sleds are built for harsh conditions, tested for 6-foot drops to concrete, and sealed to industrial-grade dual IP65 and IP67 ratings. Both the standard-range RFD9030 Sled and long-range RFD9090 Sled provide industry-leading read rates of 1300 tags per second, an ultra-accurate item-finder mode, a tri-function user-programmable trigger and Wi-Fi 6 capability for easy device management.

Features and Benefits
Ultra-Rugged Ergonomic Design
Engineered to withstand everyday use across harsh and demanding environments, RFD90 RFID sleds are dust-proof, spray-proof, waterproof, and tested for drops up to 6 feet onto concrete surfaces. Superior ergonomics contribute to worker comfort and productivity by reducing strain.
Flexible Connectivity
RFD90 sleds are compatible with almost any mobile device. Zebra eConnex™ adaptors allow you to mount a broad selection of rugged Zebra mobile computers, while the OtterBox universe adaptor provides support for many third-party smartphones. Integrated Bluetooth® 5.3 wireless capability connects to almost any Android™, iOS or Windows device. Device pairing is easily accomplished using NFC tap to pair, pair by camera, and Scan-To-Connect options. Built-in Wi-Fi 6 allows easy over-the-air device management, even when the sled doesn’t have a mobile computer or smartphone attached.
Best-In-Class Performance
RFD90 sleds enable rapid inventory counts and increase workflow accuracy with an industry-leading read rate of 1300 tags per second. The RFD9030 sled offers a standard read range of 22 feet, while the RFD9090 sled features an extended range of 75 feet. The tri-function user-programmable trigger offers easy access to RFID reading, barcode scanning and other features to fit workflow demands, and the powerful battery keeps RFD90 sleds going hour after hour.
Maximum Durability
Virtually indestructible RFD90 sleds are engineered for demanding conditions with industrial-grade IP65/IP67 sealing, a 6-foot drop to concrete specification, and an extended operating temperature range of -4°F to 131°F, so you can be assured they will meet your workplace demands.
Flexible And Future-Proof Charging
RFD90 sleds can power up in a variety of ways. Featuring two sets of charging pins, each cradle cup can charge an RFD90 sled by itself, the mobile computer by itself, or a combination of RFD90 sled and mobile computer when attached together. A universal cradle cup provides charging for the sled and has a USB-A port to plug in a charging cable for third-party devices.
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