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Explosives Track & Trace

Tracking & tracing for every size company and need

Identify, Track and Trace Explosives Through The Entire Supply Chain

Track & trace is an essential component for managing any supply chain. For the commercial explosives industry, it's even more critical as both safety and security are paramount concerns.  Explosives and components must be uniquely identified and tracked through the manufacturing, assembly, distribution, shipment, storage and use processes.

General Data has recently partnered with TT-E Europe to expand their suite of track & trace software solutions designed for the explosives industry in the US and Canadian markets. For over a decade, TTE has been the leader in explosives track & trace solutions for explosives industry in the European market.  Now, in partnership with General Data, the TTE explosives track & trace solution will expand its presence and market share in both the US and Canada.

An Overview of TTE

The TTE explosives track & trace system is a modular software designed that can be used in the cloud or hosted locally. Using barcode-based printing and scanning technology including mobile computers, printers and scanners, all assembled explosives and explosives components are labeled or tagged with unique identifiers so they can be meticulously tracked through the entire supply chain, from manufacture to use.

The TTE base system is available in two versions:


    TTE Plus 

    Can be used in the cloud or hosted locally.  TTE Plus features include:

    • Use of multiple devices (computer workstations and mobile computers) per stock
    • Inclusive electronic explosives stock book
    • Data transfer
    • 10-year data storage
    • Administration of multiple stocks to efficiently manage warehouse
    • Arrival with adjustable random sample capacity
    • Reversal and return of explosive shipments
    • Reversal of failures
    • Commissioning and goods issue
    • Full storage warning
    • Storage of external goods



    Designed for larger companies with many warehouses and special requirements for their explosive tracking and tracing.  It can be customized to fit a customer’s unique needs, and can integrate with existing ERP and WMS systems. 



    The system also includes additional modules for data capture and printing as well as the TTE Trustcenter module, which is a secure encrypted means to transmit and store sensitive explosive sales and delivery data.  The supplier and the recipient can securely upload and view data, confident that only they have access to this information.

      General Data Is Your TTE Premier Partner In The US and Canada

      General Data has decades of experience with track & trace solutions for manufacturers in a variety of different industries, including automotive, healthcare, and food/beverage.  We are experts in all phases of implementation and management of track & trace solutions, including:

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      Check back with us as we will soon be expanding our website content and information on TTE and how track & trace can benefit all companies across the explosives supply chain.  If you want more information now or would like to talk to a specialist, click the button below to get started.

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