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Consumer Goods Products Labeling Solutions

Complete labeling solutions for consumer packaged goods

Labeling Solutions For Household and Consumer Goods Products

For household and consumer goods, product labels are a critical component for showcasing the brand and generating strong visual interest and shelf impact.  In addition, consumer goods product labels must convey important product usage, warnings, and regulatory information.  Finally, household goods labels must be able to withstand constant handling, resist the chemicals in the product, and maintain a high quality look over the life of the product.

General Data Provides Complete Consumer and Household Goods Labeling Solutions

General Data produces labels for consumer goods in virtually any size, shape or configuration.  We will match the right film stock and adhesive for the intended application – including the surface to be labeled, the chemical makeup of the product, and the desired look of the graphic elements of the label.  Using both digital and flexographic printing technologies, General Data can produce both short-run and large quantities of consumer goods product labels in vibrant colors with just about any finish.

  • Labels – including standard labels, easy-release instant redeemable coupon labels, and extended content booklet labels.  Our labeling experts work closely with you from concept to container to ensure the finished label matches your needs, including budget, functionality and performance, and the product’s overall appearance.
  • Print & Apply Label Applicators – inline label applicators automatically affix the label to the product container or box, and can also print variable data such as lot codes and manufacturing dates to the label as it is applied.
  • Shrink Sleeve Packaging – beautiful printed films that provide 360-degree visibility for graphics and product information, flexible enough to be applied to virtually any shape or size container.

General Data makes sure your product stands out on the shelf. Our consumer goods labeling team regularly works with consumer goods product brand managers and production managers to produce labels that are eye-catching, showcase the brand, and work flawlessly on the production line.  From concept to finished product, we’re with you every step of the way.

General Data Helps You Create Your Consumer Goods Product Labeling Solution With These Components:
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General Data will help you design and build your consumer good product labeling solution to meet your needs.

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