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Industrial Labeling Solutions

Tough labels for tough labeling applications

Industrial-Strength Labeling Solutions For Tough Labeling Applications

The labeling needs for companies in manufacturing, distribution and logistics industries go far beyond the ordinary.  Industrial labels need to endure harsh environments, exposure to the elements, rough handling and abuse, chemicals and solvents, and temperature extremes.  When these companies need robust, dependable industrial labeling solutions, they call General Data.

General Data produces thousands of labels for industrial labeling applications every day.  Our experienced team specializes in working with companies to solve their most demanding labeling challenges.  Whether it’s a stock label, specialty label, or a custom label engineered and produced specifically for a customer’s application, General Data can provide any type of industrial labeling solution – including labels, printers, print and apply systems, printer supplies, software and integration, and comprehensive service and support programs.

Our Customers Trust General Data For All Types Of Industrial Labeling Applications
  • Automotive Labels
  • Asset Labels
  • Carton Labels
  • Chemical Drum Labels
  • Circuit Board Labels
  • Container Labels
  • Freezer Labels
  • GHS Labels
  • Lumber Tags
  • Outdoor Labels
  • Pallett Labels
  • Product Identification Labels
  • Warehouse Labels
  • Work-In-Process Labels
Advanced Label Manufacturing Capabilities To Produce Durable Custom Industrial Labels

Our label engineering and production experts work closely with you to make sure your industrial labels the durability and performance characteristics to withstand the tough environment of your label’s lifecycle. Our industrial label manufacturing capabilities include:

Label Facestocks
Label Facestocks
Designed for harsh environment applications, including resistance to heat, cold, moisture, abrasion, chemicals and UV.
Specialty Adhesives
Specialty Adhesives
For permanent or removeable applications, formulated specifically for the intended surface and resistant to chemicals, moisture and temperature extremes.
Durable Inks
Durable Inks
High performance inks that resist fading, degradation, and remain legible throughout the label’s use lifecycle.
Specialty Coatings
Specialty Coatings
For added durability to meet application requirements, also tactile surfaces and pattern adhesives.
General Data Helps You Create Your Industrial Labeling Solution With These Components:
Ready To Get Started?

General Data will help you design and build your industrial labeling solution to meet your needs.

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