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Black Rhino™ Value Contest

Cash In On Our New Black Rhino™ Toner and Value Ribbons

Get ready to pack your bags and have some fun in the sun!  General Data is giving away a Vacation Voucher valued up to $2000 to celebrate the expansion of our Black Rhino™ product line.

Fill out the form to the right to receive one free entry into the contest. 

Over the past year, General Data has expanded the offerings in our Black Rhino™ family, with the addition of our Value and ThinTek™ label lines.  With the continued success of our label and ribbon lines, we are proud to introduce an expansion in the Black Rhino™ products.

Black Rhino™ Toner

Black Rhino™ Toner helps you get more value for your money. Our toner cartridges are developed and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities utilizing innovative technology and automation to ensure consistent, high-quality printing.

Black Rhino™ Thermal Transfer Ribbons

200W, 210W and 410M ribbons
Great balance of print quality and durability
Premium performance expected from all Black Rhino™ products
High value alternative to expensive OEM brands

Black Rhino™ Value Labels

Premium facestock
Performance adhesive
Lower-cost liner
Savings up to 25% on label prices without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

If you have any questions regarding any of these Black Rhino™ products, do not hesitate to contact your General Data Account Manager, or email us.

Contest: July 1st - December 31st

For each $100 purchase of the following items, you will receive one "ticket" to be entered into the drawing for our Vacation Voucher, valued up to $2,000.  The product categories included in the contest are:

Black Rhino Stock and Custom Value Labels
Black Rhino 200W, 210W or 410M Ribbons
Black Rhino Toner

Only contestants who fill out the webform on this page are eligible for tickets via purchase.

Purchases made prior to July 1, 2015 will not be eligible for contest.

Your first purchase of 200W Ribbons, 210W Ribbons or 410M Ribbons will receive 10% off the order (only valid for first purchase).

For complete contest rules, information on Black Rhino™ Value products, or any other General Data products, please contact talktous@general-data.com.